Zone VI Tripod Project

I'm kind of a tinkerer. If I can try and repair or replace parts and pieces I'll usually give it a shot. My Zone tripod wooden base plate was looking tired and weather. Once a took it apart and had a good look at it, I start making plans to replace it. 

The original plate was cut from 1/2 plywood. The layers were starting to delaminate and flake off. I want something sturdier that wouldn't have this issue in the future. I chose to make the new plate from 3/4" mahogany. Good hardwood that can stand up to wear and abuse.  

I trace out the triangle shape and the holes need to attach it to the metal leg holder. When I lined it up on the miter saw the angles come out to be around 30 degrees. With the all the cuts made I moved on the drill press. 

Now this could be done with out a drill press but for making smooth, accurate and vertical holes nothing makes it easier that a press. I was able to use multiple bits to give me the desired holes and countersinks to match the existing design and hardware. I tested the drilled plate with the bolts to make sure everything lined up.

Being satisfied I moved onto sanding. I use a handheld orbital sander to round off the sharp edges and smooth my cuts. The piece really started to take form. Now it just need a coat of stain. I had some left over ebony color Minwax stain. The color was perfect for this. Deep dark and rich. It still displayed the wood grain of the mahogany. 

This was a great project to spend the afternoon on. If you are looking to do something like this and need any tips, shoot me an email.